NORTH POLE – Christmas waits for no elf! Despite narrowly losing the Louisiana governor’s race to John Bel Edwards last night, Eddie Rispone didn’t dwell on the disappointment and is already back hard at work.

Moments after discovering that Edwards had won the race, Rispone was on his way back to the North Pole to reclaim his place on Santa’s workshop production line in order to help meet the heavy workload demand.

Rispone, who had used almost a year’s worth of vacation time on campaigning to become Louisiana governor, didn’t seem fazed on his first day back at work today and was even given a heroes welcome by everyone at the workshop.

“We’re all very proud of him”, explained one of his work colleagues, “To lost out my such a small margin must be hard for him. But he rolled into work this morning with a smile on his face and got right to building toy cars.

He’s definitely aged a bit since he left on the campaign trail a year ago, but he’s still one of us. He’s one of the best and most experienced toy-makers in here. His talents would have been wasted in government.

We’re glad he’s back because we’re going to need him over the next few weeks. It’s crunch time and we need all hands on deck.”


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