LAFAYETTE, LA – Heavy storms rolled through much of Louisiana yesterday, causing widespread damage and a disruption to a range of services. Lafayette, luckily, avoided much of the more severe weather – with one exception.

At around 2:32pm, a localized tornado touched down and briefly made it’s way through the Four Corners area of the city. Whilst only on the ground for around 3-4 minutes, it did manage to rip roofing off of the famed Lesspay Motel, as well as causing significant structural damage to the landmark – damage deemed “beyond repairable”.

Officer Dylan Alba of the Lafayette Police Department explained what happened.

“Yesterday afternoon there was a brief touch-down of a tornado in the Four Corners vicinity”, he confirmed, “There was significant structural damage to the Lesspay Motel and a few other buildings surrounding it, totaling around $17 in damages. In fact it was a little less than that, because I got some change from it that went into my coin jar. I am happy to confirm that there were no injuries or casualties – however it seems that we’re going to have to say goodbye to the motel.”

But Officer Alba also said that this may have a silver lining.

“As soon as the damage was done, land value went up instantaneously”, he said, “And by a good way too. I’m talking like, 23% in a matter of seconds. It’s already giving River Ranch a run for it’s money.”

But Officer Alba also reminded us to spare a thought for what we have lost.

“We’re losing a significant part of our history”, he said, “An institution. The STD grocery store of Lafayette. I know plenty of people who walked into that motel a boy, and emerged a man. A seriously scarred for life man, but a man none the less. We’re all sad to see it go. They’re just not made like that nowadays.”

The clean-up operation has begun, however officials have yet to confirm what will be being built in it’s place.


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