WASHINGTON, D.C. – After President Trump last night tweeted out that “something very big has just happened”, he this morning confirmed what a lot of people had suspected by announcing that all lanes on the I-10 are open.

In what is a rarity and considered a huge announcement these days, he went on to deliver a podium message confirming that there were no wrecks, no broken down vehicles, no floods and no construction at this current time.

“I can confirm that the I-10 from Lafayette all the way to the other side of Baton Rouge is open, is clear and is near perfect driving conditions”, he said, “It’s a huge day in America. We should all celebrate this.

I can’t confirm how long this will last, but I encourage you all to go out and witness it and enjoy it.

It’s an important day in Louisiana history, in American history and teachers and historians will be talking about this in a hundred years. I’m very proud to be a part of it.”

Normality is expected to be resumed by tomorrow morning at the latest.


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