GULF OF MEXICO – After getting a taste of Morgan City, Hurricane Barry has confirmed that he’s not sure he really wants to go any further.

Barry made landfall a short time ago and moved into the Morgan City area shortly thereafter, however this has apparently been enough do dissuade him from moving any further inland and has decided that he’s completely fine where he is.

“No honestly, I saw enough”, he confirmed, “I’m good right here. No need to go any further. Morgan City was more than enough, I think I’m just going to maybe go a little further West or maybe even just head back out into the Gulf.

There might not be anything in the gulf apart from, well, water and rigs, but at least its not Morgan City.

My wife said I should try Galveston. Aunt Florence said the Panhandle was nice last year. But no, I had to choose Morgan City, Louisiana. Jesus Christ Barry, another wonderful decision.”

Barry is yet to make a decision on what his next move is, but is expected to announce his plans in the next hour or two.


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