BATON ROUGE, LA – With the Bayou Country Superfest coming to a close yesterday, Guinness officials today confirmed that the annual music event has officially been declared the largest ever family gathering on record.

The event, which took place over the weekend and featured such acts as Kenneth Chest-knee, Jimmy au Dean and Florida Cuba Line, attracted almost 120,000 people – 50,000 more than the Broussard family Christmas of 2014.

Looking at the statistics, almost 48% of the attendance were Broussards, slightly ahead of the 34% of Heberts and 11% of Landrys. But despite the differences in name, everyone in attendance knew each other well.

Uncle Mike was tasked with manning the grill and, although the line sometimes got a little long, he handled the job with all the efficiency and quality that you’d expect from Uncle Mike.

Guinness spokesperson Dina Gaitan confirmed the record in an announcement this morning.

“With a registered attendance figure of 118,239, we can confirm that this year’s Bayou Country Superfest is officially the largest family get-together in the record books”, she said.

“This by far breaks the original record of 79,101 which was noted at last years Mudfest in Colfax, Louisiana.”

“We’re more than happy to present this Guinness World Record award to whoever wants to receive it.”

Sources indicate that Uncle Troy is willing to receive the award and take some photos once his Magellan fishing shirt is washed and dried.


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