GROSSE TETE, LA – If you’re headed from Baton Rouge to visit your family in Lafayette, or perhaps making a trip from Breaux Bridge to deliver some boudin to relatives in Hammond then it’s quite simple: expect delays

The Basin Bridge’s 57th annual Memorial Day Weekend Demolition Derby kicked off just hours ago, with many seasoned contestants making an impressive start and the competition already seeing some big action maneuvers.

The race started with veteran Basin Bridge driver Bonnie Aucoin of Henderson, driving a 2012 Honda Civic, cut in front of newcomer Harry Gonzalez from San Antonio, who was driving an 18-wheeler full of avocados headed towards Jacksonville, Fl.

There were no injuries to report, however the avocados are now guacamole.

This should tie up the east-bound lane for at least 5 hours, and divert LSU-bound traffic to 190 – much to the delight of the Krotz Springs and Port Barre police departments.

West-bound traffic is also expected to comet to a complete snarl, as moments ago rookie Kyle Smith from Crowley, driving a jacked up F150, took out a Prius that was entering from the Butte La Rose on-ramp. Race officials expect that to back-up the bridge all the way to Ramah.

And as a bit of lagniappe, analysts predict that a tanker truck will tip and explode just as traffic begins to clear.

Spokesman for the annual event John Stalmac said that he’s expecting a feisty-as-ever competition.

“This is the 57th year and it’s as action-packed as ever”, he said, “We really have to thank the development of smart phones and social media for that, as well as the ever-increasing need to get to a destination faster and faster. Pair the two together and you’re going to see the biggest and best demolition derby yet.”

Congestion is expected to clear sometime later today, but non-competitors are advised to pack some extra food and a fishing pole just in case.


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