WASHINGTON, D.C. – Despite minimal fanfare across the state, this week marks 216 years since the Louisiana Purchase took place on the Cajun Swap Shop 2.0 Facebook group.

The purchase was made in 1803 by then president Thomas Jefferson and is widely considered one of his largest achievements of his reign as Commander-in-Chief.

The deal was struck after Thomas Jefferson made a post on Cajun Swap Shop inquiring about the possibility of a piece of land, while also stating that he was interested in trades only and would not accept the possibility of paying cash.

The post reportedly remained active yet unanswered for almost three days, before a Napoleon Bonaparte replied to his post willing to make a deal.

The rest of the negotiations are actually argued over by historians, with nobody truly knowing what was part of the deal. Many historians claim that Jefferson traded Bonaparte a Honda four-wheeler in exchange for the territory, while some insist that it was four 12″ Sony P5 subwoofers in a custom enclosure – all in near perfect condition.

Conversations were taken to their respective private inboxes at this point and an agreement was struck. But regardless of what was involved in the deal, it was considered one of the biggest moments in the birth of our great nation.

And the rest, as they say, is history.


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