LAFAYETTE, LA – This is great news for those wanting to know if Verot School Road construction will be completed in their lifetime!

With construction crews back on the road, DTOD today released their Verot Construction Tracker so you can track exactly when your road will be ready.

The system, which is derived from the same system that Domino’s Pizza currently uses, was launched this morning and is believed will make it exponentially easier to see what the useless morons are currently doing.

The site is expected to see over 10,000 unique visitors daily. Officials explained why they though that it was a good idea to launch the tracker.

“We realized that not everybody likes surprises”, said spokesperson Colin Freyberg, “and what bigger surprise than driving down Verot to discover that, just when you thought that we were done, we’re ripping it up and doing it all over again.”

“So we launched the tracker as a way for people to swap that surprise for unadulterated frustration when you realize that we’re still doing the exact same thing as we were a week ago.”

“It’s really cool. It even shows you what our current crew is doing. Look, it says that right now Stan is playing Texas Hold’em on his phone! So awesome.”

“We’re hoping that this helps the public plan their driving effectively, but also give them a glimpse of just how much we’re messing things up.”

The tracker is now live and available for public usage.


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