LAFAYETTE, LA – Claiming that their hearing just ain’t what it used to be, officials at the local business permit office admitted today that they thought that they’d approved a license for Cajun Cans-Of-Bisque.

The actual name – Cajun Cannabis – was raided by (probably far too much) local police enforcement last night, who clearly made this their number one priority. Coincidentally it has been their number one priority for the past six months.

The incident however has left many people wondering why the business permit was approved when this was allegedly illegal all along, but an admission from local officials this afternoon clears that up.

“Cajun Cannabis? Oh…” said local official Steven Manuel, “Yeah uh our people were convinced that he’d said Cajun Can-Of-Bisque. That’s our bad I guess.”

“We thought he was just going to be selling, well, cans of bisque. We were kind of excited about it to be honest, it sounded like a great concept. We approved that thing straight away.”

“We’re just going to go ahead and chalk that one up to being a simple mistake.”

Brian Pope is also reportedly ready and willing to pose with any marijuana plants that are confiscated, although it is still unclear which Hawaiian shirt he will wear.


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