LAFAYETTE, LA – Looks like it’s happening folks! Easter Sunday is here and the annual miracle is almost upon us. And with the arrival of what appears to be an aerial lift at the entrance of Fatima Church, many are suggesting that the savior is due to rise again at any moment.

The lift appears to be an upgrade on last year’s version, which only had an extension limit of 20ft. But thanks to a strong year of donations the community reportedly had enough funds to rent an upgraded version with a 50ft reach – allowing Jesus to really rise.

Preparations also seem to be ahead of schedule. Historically, the annual event has taken place at around 11:30am, with the son of God citing the need for a sleep-in.

But with things clearly in full swing, excitement is growing for many practicing Catholics in the area.

“It’s a nice lift”, said local resident Krista Mason, “way better than last year. We can’t wait to see him and hopefully he gets nice and high like I did yesterday.”

Local resident Ed Marcus explained why he was in attendance.

“It’s something you’ve got to see”, he explained, “Also I’ve brought a copy of my favorite bible which I hope he’ll take the time to sign. I understand if he doesn’t though, he’s probably pretty tired. But we’ll see.”

Crews are currently giving the lift one last check-over before things get underway.


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