MIAMI GARDENS, FL – In what turned out to be a surprising result, the New Orleans Saints lost the 2010 Super Bowl rerun 24-14 to a dominant Indianapolis Colts.

With most if not all Saints fans opting to watch a rerun of Super Bowl XLIV instead of this years Super Bowl as a form of protest, they were hoping for a repeat result. However they were left disappointed as a focused Peyton Manning put the black and gold to the sword.

Clearly out for revenge, Manning led the Colts to a 24-0 lead at half time. And although the Saints mounted a valiant second half comeback, it wasn’t enough.

Saints fans were pleased however that no outrageously bad calls were made throughout, and accepted the game as fair.

“We chose to watch the rerun instead of the 2019 Super Bowl”, explained Saints fan Joseph Curren, “This bar here in New Orleans was showing it so we came down here to watch it. We were obviously hoping that everything would be the same as last time, but it wasn’t to be. I’m not sure what happened.”

“But it is what it is. The officials were fair, that’s the main thing. 2010 Drew Brees just didn’t turn up today.”

“I’m still black and gold. Maybe I’ll watch the rerun again next year and it’ll be a better result.”


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