NEW YORK, NY – It’s sure to be little consolation to Saints fans, but it’s good to see that the NFL are taking this sub-par officiating issue seriously.

In an effort to ensure that the Super Bowl ratings remain high, the NFL are taking big steps in ensuring that less bad calls are made than usual by announcing Stevie Wonder as a special guest lead official.

The announcement was made this morning on the back of a slight blunder in the Saints Rams match up last night, and now the NFL are in full damage control mode.

Wonder is reported to have reported to the NFL’s pre-Super Bowl officiating camp in order to get him and his team up to speed, however he is apparently already showing more competence than the majority of officials.

NFL spokesperson Oliver Malone explained why the decision had been made.

“We realize that there was one or two big decisions that we as an organization got wrong last night”, he said, “And we want to make that right. We want to ensure that the quality of officiating is what the fans deserve, and we want to make sure that in an ideal world we get 100% of the calls right.”

“Mr. Wonder is someone who we believe will instantly improve that standard. We have invited him to officiate the Super Bowl and he has gladly accepted.”

“We’re confident that he’ll be able to see more across the whole field than the officials this past weekend did. We’re looking forward to a fair game this weekend.”

“We hope that all fans will tune in to watch what promises to be a spectacle.”


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