NEW ORLEANS, LA – After what one could call a slight officiating gaffe in this afternoons playoff match up between the Saints and the Rams, lead official Bill Vinovich has been cordially dis-invited to Mardi Gras.

The announcement came moments ago from city officials who, because of the in-game mistake, believe that he shouldn’t be allowed to have any fun during the annual week long celebrations.

Historically this is the biggest punishment that can be given to an individual from the City of New Orleans, right in front of being forced to count the number of potholes in the city limits.

“This is an official notice that Mr. Vinovich, you are hereby not invited to our Mardi Gras”, the announcement stated, “What you did was not cool, and we feel you should be punished to the fullest extent that this city can give.”

“No parades for you. None of our food or drinks for you. No beads for you. No titties for you. And that is final.”

“You are welcome to appeal this decision, however bear in mind that most people generally hate you and consider you somewhat of an asshole.”

It is yet to be seen if Vinovich will appeal the verdict.


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