LAFAYETTE, LA – What? No, what are you even talking about? With the Saints having booked their place in the NFC Championship and one game away from the Super Bowl, area fan Steven Denny wants to let you know that you have it all wrong.

Look, you must have misheard when he was talking to you at the beginning of the season. He never said he was boycotting the NFL because of the issue of kneeling during the anthem. Where the hell did you get that crazy idea from? Were you even listening? God damn.

Steven wants to just completely clarify, right here and right now, that he’s boycotting the NHL. Yeah that’s right, hockey. And you know why? Because he hates Canadians. It’s as simple as that, okay?

The NFL? Don’t be stupid, he loves the NFL. He loves the ol’ pigskin. He loves the Saints, and he loves seeing them do well. And you know what? He’s with them all the way to that Lombardi trophy. They’re his boys. Drew’s the man.

Steven also thinks that you should pay attention a little closer next time, because it’s easy to mishear “Boycott the NFL until those overpaid disrespectful jackasses stand for the national anthem!!!!” with “I think I’m going to respectfully boycott the NHL over the huge influx of Canadians and the clear brutality of the game.”

He understands that it was an innocent mistake, but he just wants to make sure that you know exactly where he stands.

Great, he’s super glad that was all sorted out.

“Who dat! Lets goooo!”.


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