GULF OF MEXICO – With heavy rains battering most of Louisiana today, tug boats have been recruited this evening to once again pull Youngsville back to shore from the Gulf of Mexico.

The city, which has been blighted with drainage issues since day one, was spotted floating out into the Gulf around 1pm this afternoon. However, tugboat crews were unable to reach it until around 3pm.

City officials are now planning to discuss how to prevent this happening again in the future, with the preferred method believed to be purchasing a few packets of cable ties and anchor pegs to strap the area down securely.

However, if financial restrictions come into play, it is believed that residents will be asked to hold on tight to their houses in an effort to keep everything in place.

Residents are glad to be back.

“I went for a nap at around 12pm, and when I woke up at 2pm I was looking at an offshore oil rig”, explained resident Esther Carpenter, “That’s when I knew it must have been raining.”

“It’s such an inconvenience. I work in Lafayette and had to tell them I was going to be late due to being in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Of course, they understood when I told them where I lived.”

“I just hope something can be done about it soon.”


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