BATON ROUGE, LA – Yikes. There’s scary, and then there’s this whole different level of terror.

With Halloween fast approaching and celebrations in full swing, Baton Rouge based haunted house 13th Gate has finally opened it’s Kaplan themed area of the attraction.

The 13th Gate attraction has been open since the beginning of October and is available to visit until November, however the newly completed Kaplan area is only open for one week as officials have stated that they don’t want to permanently scar a large amount of people.

Visitors to the area are greeted by Troy, a Magellan shirt wearing local, who guides you to the darkness of the corner of 1st and Cushing, where you are then left to wander the locality at your own peril.

First day reports show that 67% of visitors to the area of the attraction immediately left to check into various mental health facilities in the area.

A further 23% were never seen to leave the attraction have been reported missing, and 1% made it out alive and well (however this was a family visiting from Kaplan).

Entrance to the attraction are limited and only available until the end of the week.


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