NEW ORLEANS, LA – For those who have already booked their Disney Cruise out of New Orleans, you might want to see if you’re entitled to a refund.

Despite only operating out of the Crescent City for just over a week, Disney has announced an immediate cancellation of its cruises after Goofy was arrested last night due to being involved in a brawl on Bourbon Street.

Goofy, who was believed to have hit the French Quarter during some off-the-clock downtime, was taken into custody at around 3:45am after reportedly getting into fisticuffs with an LUS frat boy.

“Due to an incident involving Goofy last night, we have immediately suspended all Disney Cruises out of New Orleans”, said spokesperson Carla Evans, “As one of our more experienced crew members, we are extremely disappointed in him and his clearly… well, goofy behavior.”

“We believe in professionalism from our staff at all times. You certainly wouldn’t catch Donald or Woody doing this. Maybe Jafar, but lets be honest, he’s always been a bit of a dick.”

“Please do contact our customer service hotline for more information.”


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