LAFAYETTE, LA – What a Throwback Thursday! After spending the morning hiking with his son around the trails at the nature station, area man Melvin Cutler was spotted telling stories of simpler times in Lafayette such as when Barcode was the biggest issue that the area had to deal with.

With a federal lawsuit being filed against Drag Queen Story Time at the Lafayette Main Library by out-of-state travelling circus Warriors For Christ, many residents are dumbfounded at the attention that this is receiving and believe that there are more important issues to deal with.

“Look kiddo I know today’s world is pretty weird”, he was seen to have said, “This whole drag queen story time debacle with lawsuits, meetings, religious crusaders – it’s crazy. If you want to go, we can go. It’s no big deal.”

“Man, things were way simpler back in my day. I wish it could be like that for you too, y’know. The biggest hoo-hah that we had was a bar. I think it was a straight bar that was mostly hip hop. It didn’t even open. The outrage lasted about a week, tops.”

“And there was this girl at UL who accidentally sent an email to the whole university instead of just one person. That was like, another weeks worth of an issue, then it was over. Much simpler times, I miss it.”

“Anyway, good luck kiddo. The future looks wack.”

The pair reminisced for another ten to fifteen minutes before continuing their walk.


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