LAFAYETTE, LA – In an attempt to publicize himself a little more in preparation for his arrival in the next few days, Tropical Storm Gordon has purchased 8,000 billboards across Louisiana.

After a long, hot and humid Summer, Gordon believes he can make a killing offering rain to the people of Louisiana and has been attempting to make his face synonymous with interstates across the state.

In an exclusive interview, Gordon explained that he has what the people of Louisiana need.

“Look, I’ve got rain, and y’all need rain”, he said, “Any good businessman would do what they need to do to offer their product and get it out there. I’m not going to give y’all as much as a hurricane or anything, don’t worry. I’m not a monster.”

“I’m proactive. I’ve made sure that I’ve gotten here before any of the big boys. I’ve arrived relatively early and I have product for sale. Give me a call and lets make a deal.”


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