DEARBORN, MI – Great news for truck lovers of the area! Ford announced today their latest and greatest upcoming models for the 2019 year, with the Ford 8-50 Acadiana Edition on the list.

The design features an extended extended extended ultra-extended bed, perfect for never using apart from putting your Delcambre Reeboks in. It also features a state-of-the-art radio system that only tunes to country music stations, and six extra holders tailored perfectly for dip cups.

The truck comes with a box of 50 complimentary ‘Gunpowder and Dr. Pepper’ scented trees, as well as a horn that honks to the tune of a random Waylon Jennings song.

Lead Ford Designer Chris Robertson explained the magic behind the design.

“We feel that this is the perfect truck for those truck lovers down in Cajun country”, he said, “We did extensive research on just what we need to put into a truck design that those “baws” down there would appreciate.”

“Almost 800 hours of design went into the F-850. It’s a labor of love and a piece of machinery that we think will sell like – how do you pronounce it? Jombaliar? Did I say it correctly?”

The F-850 will hit the market in Spring 2019 and is expected to begin at a price point of roughly $47,000.

Dealers have also confirmed that they’ll be willing to accept trade-ins on vehicles, truck nuts, cheap beer or prime cuts of meat.


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