SILVER SPRING, MD – Admitting that they have absolutely no idea what they mean, the NOAA today confirmed that the squiggly-lined brightly colored images shared by local meteorologist Rob Perillo are probably some advanced communicational method yet unknown to mere mortals.

With everyone under the assumption that the lines, bands, colors and numbers actually meant something relative to the area, the NOAA was forced to make a statement today after being baffled by the imagery.

“Look, we’re going to be honest – we have no idea what they are”, said NOAA spokesperson Brenda McGehee, “We’ve been trying to decipher these things for the past three years but we’ve had no luck. These things are on a whole different plane of knowledge.”

“We’ve had our best and brightest codebreakers looking over these things. We’ve just come to the conclusion that it’s an advanced language. A visual communication method that we just don’t have the technology to read.”

“It really is incredible. We’re going to keep studying them but we’re still in the dark.”


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