LAFAYETTE, LA – Despite being underway for the past two years, road construction on Verot School Road came to an abrupt halt today due to nobody on site remembering what the original plan was or why they’d dug the road up in the first place.

Workers and foreman alike agreed to put a halt to the work after a morning meeting, in which crews spent nearly two hours trying to remember what the initial intentions of the construction work was.

“We’ve decided to put this project on hold for the immediate future”, said spokesperson Michael Dority, “Whatever the project was. Honestly it’s been going on for so long that none of us remember at this point.”

“One guy is convinced that we’re looking for dinosaur remains. The guy over there driving that digger is certain that we’re building a fortress, and that group of workers over there are 80% sure that we’re trying to get to the center of the Earth.”

“We’re going to need to take some time to go back into the archives and work this one out. Until then, well, we’re just going to leave everything as it is.”

The estimated completion date of whatever the hell it is has now been pushed back to Summer 2067. Louisiana DOTD will update the public when – if – the project gets back on track.


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