HEAVEN – Despite not being completely surprised, God was reportedly seen face-palming at the local news outlets comment section on his phone this evening while watching season 7 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race.

Having recently acquired St. Paul’s login credentials for his streaming service, God spent the majority of the day catching up on the show after only getting to season 4.

However upon hearing that there was some hullabaloo on Acadiana’s local news outlet Facebook page, he took a brief look before shaking his head and putting the phone back down on the couch.

“Drag queens at the library? Huh, that sounds pretty cool.” he said, “I wonder if Peter’s kids would be interested in that.”

However it was just after reading the article that he noticed the comments.

“What the hell are they mad about? Have they never watched this show? I… I just… ugh. Whatever. They’re going to hate it when they see DragLand up here.”

God reportedly plans to finish his RPDR binge tomorrow.


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