LAFAYETTE, LA – Thank Lafayette! Because of the huge controversy over the prospect of drag queens reading books to children at Lafayette Public Library, the state of Louisiana has been ranked NUMBER 1 in drag queen-related controversy!

In what has been hailed as a monumental effort by many people in the area, thanks have been heaped on those people in the area who have demanded that this scheduled event be wiped from the calendar and replaced with something far more child friendly such as bible studies.

Mayor Joel Robideaux and Governor Edwards held a joint press conference this afternoon to hail the fact that Louisiana has finally been ranked first in something.

Robideaux also made reassurances that he remains committed to doing whatever it takes to keep Louisiana 50th out of 50 in education, citing that when it comes to education “the bigger the number, the more educated we are. And 50 is far bigger than 1.”


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