LAFAYETTE, LA – With discussions over the design of the Acadiana flag being a hot topic in the area as of late, local authorities have released a new design that they hope will appease everyone.

The argument was made that the flag should be revised to include representation of those folk who helped carve out the area that were not originally included on the previous flag design. However that came under fire from those who wanted to keep things the way they were.

A compromise was made this afternoon though, as a new design representing everything Acadiana in this day and age was made public and set for immediate release.

The new design consists of the Southern Louisiana trifecta of blazing hot sun, construction work and Gordon McKernan – a combination that everyone is sure to agree on.

“We’re very proud of this design”, said local area representative Steven Dittmar, “We had our best, brightest and cheapest designer work on this for at least 3 hours last night. And taxpayers will be delighted to know that this cost us nothing as we offered him exposure.”

“The flag needed a revamp to reflect modern day Acadiana and we feel that everything that we wanted to represent is on the design.”

“We’re excited to begin replacing the existing flag.”


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