LAFAYETTE, LA – Funeral services were held this past weekend for three road separators on West Congress, that were brutally mowed down by a yet unidentified driver.

Local authorities say that they were most likely wiped out by a dually truck, an in-tow trailer, or some other obnoxiously wide vehicle that takes up one and a half lanes of road space.

The incident takes the number of these brave soldiers that have been knocked down in hit-and-runs to 9 this year alone – an unacceptable number by anyone’s measure.

Police are reminding drivers that these brave little yellow soldiers put their lives on the line daily so that you can’t take a left onto Vital Street, and to take extreme care when driving past them.

Remembrance services took place in Lafayette, where they were honored by other road separators from around the area. The ones located on West Congress were unable to make it due to work commitments.


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