LAFAYETTE, LA – It seems that Mayor Joel Robideaux is back in the good books of Lafayette this evening, as he confirmed to the public that he has rejected an offer for LUS from New Iberia City Government, in a deal believed to be worth $4.12 and a $10 Walmart gift card.

The announcement was made at the LCG Council Meeting just moments ago, in what is sure to be a relief for the residents of Lafayette, and more so the customers of LUS.

Details were scarce, but it is believed that New Iberia CG were planning to link the current LUS system up to their current system, which currently consists of three hamsters running on individual wheels. Their premium power grid is linked directly to a six-pack of 9v batteries.

“We did receive an offer from New Iberia”, Mayor Robideaux confirmed, “However we felt that the $4.12 offer was far too low, although the $10 Walmart gift card that they included in the deal was a nice gesture. That would have paid for a cheap bottle of wine.”

“They did confirm that it would be their one and only offer, as the $4.12 was generated through panhandling on Main Street and it’s far too hot to go out and do that again.”

“I have no idea where the gift card came from. It could well have been a forgotten Christmas gift. Either way, at this point we’re still in control of LUS.”


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