New York City, NY – On the back of their successful launch of hand-crafted candles with scents reminiscent of various U.S. states, Homesick Candles have today announced that they plan to move onto recapturing the aromas of towns and cities – beginning with areas in Louisiana.

The three scents of Youngsville, New Iberia and Freetown hit the shelves today, and are sure to attract those who long for reminders of these wonderful areas.

What does each candle smell like?

“We’re excited to launch these and will surely appeal to the people of Louisiana”, said Homesick spokesperson Laura Canning, “These are ideal for those who have left the area that wish to relive a flood, or that one time they lived next to a meth lab.”

“Our crafters have ensured that these candles are not only long-burning, but very heavily scented. If you’re not having flashbacks to living in Freetown by sipping on a cheap beer within an hour, we’ll happily give you a refund. That’s how confident we are in our product.”



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