CHECKPOINT OPELOUSAS, LA – A truly sad state of affairs. Two months after the border patrol beefed up security between North and South Louisiana, families on both sides of the DMZ are still separated from their frozen smoked meats that were taken from them – without any reunification in sight.

Items such as frozen boudin, gumbo and other Cajun staples are in high demand from residents in North Louisiana, who are often willing to pay top dollar as they often go hungry in their desolate wasteland.

Before security was ramped up, most people crossing the DMZ were simply give their frozen goods back and told to return home. However these days, border patrol agents are actively confiscating these items and keeping them in cold, dark, cramped freezers that haven’t been cleaned out since who knows when.

It’s clearly a traumatic time for those families that have been ripped apart from their food. Authorities have promised to do everything they can to reunite the items with their families after a huge backlash – however it is believed that only 5% of the food stuffs have made it back to their respective owners so far.

Frances Stevens of Carencro explains that she hasn’t seen her five packets of Richard’s Frozen Boudin in six weeks.

“It’s been nearly two months since they were snatched from my hands”, she said, “I have no idea where they are or even if they’re still edible. Not knowing is terrible. I just want them returned to me so that we can either freeze them or eat them.”

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