YOUNGSVILLE, LA – Great news! Local officials have announced plans to construct an expansion in the already quickly-developing area of Youngsville, with designs based off of the much loved road play-mat that we all had as a kid.

The expansion, which is expected to cost around $15 million and take around two years to construct, will allegedly bring a number of much needed jobs and public services to the area.

The popular children’s play-mat design was chosen as it already closely resembles the current layout of the ever-expanding area, complete with seemingly random roundabouts at various intersections.

Local official John Vaughn explained that this is a much needed development.

“It is imperative that we keep expanding Youngsville until we circle the globe once”, he said, “Then once we do that we’ll start expanding in another direction. Once we have expanded Youngsville into every available patch of spare land on Earth, then we’ll consider its drainage needs.”

He was also enthused about what the immediate plans will include.

“Just look at this design. Look at it. We have a cool looking hospital with a big red cross on the top of it. There’s also a nice fountain in the middle of the roundabout, and we’re particularly excited about this yellow building which I can only assume is either a town hall or a medieval castle.”

“Whatever it turns out to be, I’m sure it’ll need good flood insurance.”

Expansion construction is set to begin early 2019.

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