LAFAYETTE, LA – Well, none of us were expecting this.

It’s a well known fact that the late Anthony Bourdain spent a large chunk of his time in the area, partaking in festivities and actively sampling the best food that Cajun culture has to offer over the recent Mardi Gras season. Many local people met him, spent time with him and gave him the warmest of welcomes.

Yet despite that, viewers were left disappointed last night after the local episode of ‘Parts Unknown’ was a straight hour of him eating at the Olive Garden next to Acadiana Mall.

Bourdain sadly passed away recently, but television executives insisted that all pre-recorded episodes continue to air as normal – to the delight of locals who wanted nothing more than to try and spot themselves and their friends diving into mud pits in Church Point.

However the full episode didn’t actually air any of the Mardi Gras footage, instead deciding to concentrate on footage of Bourdain at Olive Garden devouring an endless amount of breadsticks, slurping up spaghetti and meatballs, and complimenting patrons on their Magellan fishing shirts and orange tinted Under Armor sports sunglasses.

He then spent the latter part of the episode being given guided tours of a number of customized and raised Ford F150’s situated in the parking lot.

“I’m really disappointed”, said local resident Greg Kingsley, “I was expecting him to at least pimp out some of our kick ass eateries or roll some footage of us chasing chickens or something something. But man, he spent the whole damn episode at Olive Garden. What the hell? I wasted an hour of my life.”

“I still love the guy though, I guess.”

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