BATON ROUGE, LA – Claiming that it will “bring people together in a way like no other”, Governor John Bel Edwards has signed a bill requiring that ‘How’s ya mom an’ dem?’ be displayed in all public schools in the state.

The bill goes into effect in the coming weeks, and will see it displayed in classrooms, auditoriums and other school buildings across Louisiana.

Vinyl decals, paint stencils and acrylic lettering are already being produced en masse and will likely be in public educational facilities by the end of the year.

Governor Edwards suggested that this was a crucial step in bringing a sense of community back into our schools.

“At the end of the day, no matter our political affiliation or religious views, we can all agree that we just want to know how ya mom an’ dem are doing”, he said, “And in knowing this we know each other better. And in knowing each other better we understand and get along with each other more.”

“Who wouldn’t want to live in a world where we don’t know how ya mom an’ dem are doing? We’re hopeful that in doing so we will see a reduction in bullying, crime and school shootings, while seeing an uptick in quality of education and exam scores.”

“Plus everyone will know how ya mom an’ dem are, so that’s always an added bonus.”

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