LAFAYETTE, LA – With the Gulf Hurricane Season officially getting underway today, local governments across Louisiana have ensured that extra thoughts and prayers have been brought in to cope with the upcoming demand.

750,000 additional thoughts and prayers have arrived in Louisiana alone, with the majority of those being distributed to the Southern parishes more so than in the North.

The first shipment into the state arrived in the Acadiana region this afternoon at Lafayette Regional Airport. The area is expected to receive in the region of 75,000 initial thoughts and prayers, with more available if required.

State official Jared Fox explained that these will be crucial in ensuring a safe, secure and overall timid hurricane season.

“After the issues of last year we wanted to be better prepared”, Fox explained, “We felt that we didn’t have enough thoughts and prayers last year which saw a number of flooding issues across the state. This year we want to make sure that we have more than enough to keep any potential weather issues away.”

“These are all grade-A, high quality thoughts and prayers direct from the Vatican. Only the best. There’s nothing Chinese about these, I can assure you.”

“These will be available for collection and distribution as soon as our weather agencies detect anything out there in the Gulf.”

“We’re confident that thanks to these thoughts and prayers, this year will be a good year with little activity.”


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