LAFAYETTE, LA – It’s that time of year again. Acadiana residents have begun their annual task of smearing lamb’s blood across their doorways in anticipation of the Passover of the Cajun Heartland State Fair.

The Fair, which arrives in town on May 24, is known for luring in children with cotton candy and $1 shooting galleries – many of which join the travelling “carnival” and are never seen again.

Many locals insist that legend tells them that smearing lamb’s blood will keep the household safe from the Cajun Heartland State Fair until it has passed over. It is believed that it will do so by June 4.

Local resident Donald Lipford explains why he does it.

“I don’t like taking any risks when it comes to my family’s well being”, he said, “The Cajun Heartland State Fair is a wicked beast and one that I will protect myself and my family from at all costs.”

“I’ve heard too many stories. The blood is above my door as of today and won’t be coming down for another two weeks.”

And in certain circumstances in which the Fair is more aggressive than usual, offerings of Cane’s toast are also left on the door step as a peace offering to the roaming carnies, preventing them from knocking on the door and infiltrating the home.

“We had to leave toast one year. Although I tried leaving a Popeye’s biscuit too and that seemed to work just as well. My neighbor thought he could save money and use the one’s from Church’s and we haven’t seen him since last year. We believe that he’s been turned into one of those giant teddy bears that you can win.”

“It’s an awful time. May God be with you all.”


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