BATON ROUGE, LA – In what adult movie producers are calling a “sucker punch to movie production in Louisiana”, lawmakers have agreed to implement a ban on offering tax breaks to porn movies produced in the state.

The bill is heading to the governor’s desk in the coming weeks, and if signed would take effect July 1.

The ban is a major blow to many productions that are preparing to begin shooting over the next few months, the most anticipated of them being ‘Boned On Da Bayou‘. Production has already halted on that movie, and crews are already looking to see if there are any other bayous in Mississippi that can be used.

However other movies are also at risk of being scrapped or moving to another filming location, such as ‘Atchafalaya? But I Hardly Know Her!‘, ‘SwampAss‘, and ‘Gueydan And Proud‘ which was slated to be filmed in full VR.

Derek Leonardo of the Louisiana Filmmakers Organization said that, despite their obviously seedy nature, these actually bring a lot of jobs and income into the state.

“I’m aware that many people around here will respect this decision”, he said, “But even with tax breaks, these movies employ locals who will spend their income in state.”

“It also showcases many of our beautiful areas. If you’re willing to overlook the sexual parts of the production and avert your eyes from the nakedness, you’ll get a wonderful glimpse of what Louisiana has to offer as far as the scenery and wildlife.

“Bayous, alligators, towns, bridges, porches, plantations, you name it. They’re all packed in these productions.”

“It’ll be a shame to see the industry move away from here.”


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