LAFAYETTE, LA – Despite it being National Teacher Appreciation Day across the U.S. it was left completely ruined in Louisiana as teachers had to spend the day actually going into work and teaching.

The national day was introduced in an effort to show educators how much parents appreciate their outrageously cheap five-days-a-week babysitting service, many of whom also received cards and gifts for their efforts.

However a flash poll conducted today suggests that, in all honesty, the only appreciation many teachers wanted today was the appreciation of spending the day at home and getting toe up at 10am.

Local teacher Suzy Little explained what she’d rather be doing.

“Like, the whole appreciation day thing is nice”, she said, “But honestly, I would have just appreciated getting day drunk on cheap wine and watching reruns of Friends in my pajamas all day.”

“Instead, I’m here in class having to teach 30 kids while they tell me how much they appreciate me. And lets not pretend that they all won’t be throwing paper balls at each other again tomorrow.”

“It wouldn’t have been so bad if I’d received less flowers and more Prozac. If any parents are reading this, now you know for next time.”

“”Is it 5pm yet? I feel like it should be 5pm.” [Interview was conducted at 9:30am]”


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