LAFAYETTE, LA – A new scientific report released today shows that, according to the laws of time and space, you were never really at Festival International if you never hashtagged #howifestival for the duration.

The study, conducted by a division of NASA, came to the conclusion that if one failed to use the hashtag, then one never truly existed within the experience of the festival – or as Lead Researcher Randy Potter likes to call it, “social limbo”.

“After extensive research on this topic we came to some really amazing conclusions”, he explained, “Although the person may actually feel like they’re experiencing Festival International in the moment, if they don’t hashtag #howifestival at a steady rate then they aren’t actually there.”

“They exist in what is known as social limbo – they’re not really there, but they’re also not anywhere else. However they do continue to exist on a physical plane that we can not see.”

“We remind all visitors and festival goers to use #howifestival to not only let others know that you’re there, but to ensure that you are actually there too. Also it makes you look really cool and probably gets you an extra 20-25 likes per Instagram post.”



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