LAFAYETTE, LA – Festival International de Louisiane 2018 got officially underway last night at the Scéne Fais Do Do stage last night with performances from the Lost Bayou Ramblers and Curley Taylor, however not before the annual mass prayer giving thanks for PBR and Bud Light.

Almost 400 festival goers gathered at the stage last night, proceeding to all bow their heads and thank the Lord for the widespread availability of the relatively cheap libations throughout the duration of the festival.

The prayer was lead by some dude who can regularly be seen hanging outside of Artmosphere, talking about existentialism and the origins of the shimmer pop music genre with out-of-towners who are just begging to make an escape.

The crowd erupted into joyous raptures upon completion of the prayer, and cans of the cheap beers were fired into the crowd from a modified t-shirt launcher so that attendees could enjoy the musical acts in the best state possible – blackout drunk.

Festival International continues tonight from 6pm onwards across a number of stages.


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