LAFAYETTE, LA – In a move that is hoped will boost the local economy, Mayor-President Joel Robideaux has announced that Lafayette will enter the burgeoning cryptocurrency market soon with their own version of Bitcoin.

The Bawcoin is set to be introduced into local markets beginning as early as this Summer, and is expected to lift the local economy back to pre-Jindal levels.

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“We’re really excited about The Bawcoin” explained Robideaux. “We’re more than confident that it will lift Lafayette out of economic stagnation, and it doesn’t even require miners to be able to use a computer, which is also great news for the many Louisiana residents who struggle to use a microwave.”

“Instead of mining coins on a computer, people who barely know how to use Facebook will be able to tap into their phones with this app that produces cryptocurrency.”

“The app is completely voice activated, meaning that you’ll be able to access your wallet, mine for coins, and more by simply saying “BAWWWWW“. It’s that simple. We’ll even make it look like Farmville so that the older generation can ease their way into it without any issues.”

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Although not currently on the market, experts suggest that the going rate at introduction should equal 10 Bawcoins for a can of Skoal, 50 Bawcoins for a six-pack of Natural Light, and 250 Bawcoins for a set of truck testicles on a soon-to-be-repossessed 2006 white Ford F-150.

Local businesses are already excited about the possibility of the Bawcoin. However Festival International organizers have stated that they were not prepared to accept the new currency so soon, but they will try to accommodate users who wish to try out the new currency by politely diverting them over to the Arnaudville Etouffee Festival instead.



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