NEW ORLEANS, LA – In an emotional farewell, Saints owner Tom Benson was pulled to his final resting place on Friday in the back of the bandwagon from the 2010 Super Bowl season.

Benson, who passed away on March 15, made his way through the streets of his beloved New Orleans in the back of the bandwagon that sported the Super Bowl Champions XLIV emblem.

The wagon, which at one time was believed to have carried almost 500,000 “fans”, was in dire need of repairs after sitting unused for almost eight years in the basement of the Superdome.

But after a little varnish, cleaning and overall TLC, the wagon was brought back to life for the funeral procession. And volunteers who helped restore it are optimistic that it may find new life before long.

“It was hard work bringing it back to its former glory, but its what Tom would have wanted and we’re delighted that it’s back in operation”, said volunteer Dan Peoples, “This thing was crammed to capacity in its heyday, around the time that Saints won the Super Bowl. Everyone was riding it.”

“But over the past few years it hasn’t been getting the use it deserves. But now that we have the likes of Kamara and Ingram Jr. we’re optimistic that it’ll be put back to work before long.”


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