LAFAYETTE, LA – In a move aimed to encourage the younger generation to take more interest in the history of the immediate area, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette has announced that it plans to teach more about the history of turn signal usage – in particular the time period that this completely stopped in Lafayette.

It’s a well known fact that turn signals have been extinct with the Lafayette area for a long time now, but very few people actually know when the last time one was used.

Dr. Karl Waller, Professor of Acadian History at UL, has been spearheading an internal campaign to allow the History Department to bring this particular topic into the curriculum for almost a year now. And now, his efforts are bearing fruit.

“We got the go ahead to include the ‘History of Turn Signal Usage’ in our lesson plans last week, and we’re very excited to start teaching this particular topic”, he said, “We’ve been pushing for this for a while now. We feel that it’s a vitally important topic to cover, and is equally if not more important to our local history than such more well known events such as the Expulsion of the Acadians.”

“It’s a dying piece of knowledge that we need to ensure is passed on to future generations. Lafayette drivers didn’t become jackasses overnight. Well, maybe some did. But that’s another story.”

The History of Turn Signal Usage will begin appearing in history classes beginning next semester.


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