LAFAYETTE, LA – In a move that residents are calling “a win for everyone that doesn’t have animal testicles hanging from the rear of their vehicle”, Lafayette City Government today launched their ‘T-Boy Parking Bay’ initiative by installing the first one.

The project, which has been in the works ever since raised F150’s began breeding like rabbits in the area, will allow obnoxious truck owners who insist on taking up a minimum of four regular parking spots to comfortably rest their behemoth of a vehicle in a 27ft wide area.

Officials hope that this will make it easier on everyone.

“We’ve installed these for a number of reasons”, explained local official Aaron Roberts, “Firstly we know that a lot of these t-boys struggle to stay in between the standard 9ft wide spaces, so we’ve made them three times as wide so that ultimately it will be easier for them.”

“They’re welcome to park in them whichever way they want – on an angle, back to front, upside down. However care-free they’re feeling that day.”

“Secondly we want to reduce the stress on the regular members of the public. I mean, who doesn’t look at a truck taking up three, four parking spots and just have the urge to punch a puppy?”

“They can now rest with peace of mind knowing that these jackasses have designated areas to do their own thing. You don’t need to worry about an almost-monster truck potentially parking on top of your Toyota Prius.”

The first bay rolled out today, and LCG confirmed that they expect to see these in every parking lot in town by 2020.


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