LAFAYETTE, LA – Tourism win! In an announcement that is sure to bring in a plethora of money to the local area, the United States Tourism Board confirmed today that the River Ranch welcome sign on the intersection of Kaliste Saloom and Camelia is now officially more popular than the Welcome To Las Vegas sign.

Travelers from far and wide visited the River Ranch sign in 2017, racking up an impressive 47.3 million visitors – almost half a million more than Las Vegas saw in the same year.

Selfies and other photography were the main reasons for visiting, according to polls. However figures show that only 10% of visitors to the sign actually went into River Ranch to take a look around – the majority worried that they would be mowed down by a golf cart, attacked by a Chiweenie, or chased out of the area by a coked up stay at home mom.

Local Lafayette tourism spokesperson Edward Lugo explained his delight at the results.

“Obviously this is wonderful for the area”, he said, “We usually like to try and stay out of River Ranch’s business since they’re kind of… unpredictable…, but any type of attraction is also good for Lafayette as a whole. We’ll take it.”

“Many visitors tell us that they like to visit just to see the population counter. There’s a rumor out there that the counter never goes down as River Ranch citizens all have a secret supplement that gives them eternal life. We’d like to categorically deny that – it’s just botox and other plastic surgeries.”

“We’ll be looking at adding extra amenities around the welcome sign to cater to the explosion in tourism. A champagne stand, a golf cart rental, and a gift shop where you can purchase your ‘I Survived River Ranch’ t-shirts.”

“It’s an exciting time for Lafayette.”


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