LAFAYETTE, LA – Claiming that he was just “ready to clock out” and get home to a utopian future of tending to his garden and building model railways in his living room, local priest Father Christopher Davis spent the best part of Ash Wednesday smearing random words onto foreheads.

The priest, who claims that it’s the most fun that he’s had in his 46 year career, opted to spell out words such as ‘POOP’, ‘FART’ and ‘LSU’ instead of the usual thumb smear that is traditionally placed on foreheads on Ash Wednesday.

“None of them even realized”, Father Davis confirmed when the last member of congregation had left, “It was hilarious. You should have seen old Miss Ramona walk out of here with BUTT smeared on her forehead.”

“It’s nothing but clean, harmless fun. And honestly I’m just ready to get out of here. I’ve mentally checked out. I just want to go home and watch some Antiques Roadshow for the next week straight.”

“I think the good Lord will forgive me. I’ve got a pretty solid track record, and I’d like to think he’d pull the same type of prank on his last day of work too.”

Father Davis will be replaced with Father Dupont in the coming days, who has confirmed that he’ll be pulling this prank every year regardless.


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