CHURCH POINT, LA – Organizers at this years Church Point ‘Courir de Mardi Gras’ event have dropped a bombshell by announcing that they are getting rid of the traditional chicken, and replacing it with a three-toed sloth.

The announcement comes after a small number of people criticized the event as “catering towards the younger generation” and “excluding the immobile”.

Spokeswoman for the event Laurie Dufour said the change will take some getting used to, but ultimately will be for the benefit of everyone.

“We’re making these changes to ensure that the older, but ultimately slower generation have a chance to take part in this famous event” she said, “I know my grandparents would have loved to take part for the last few years, but nowadays they have trouble working out what a chicken is, let alone chasing one around for an hour. It’s great that they’ll now have a chance to do that.”

And Dufour even reassured folk that the sloth CAN be used after the chase is over.

“People don’t realize how well sloth goes in a gumbo” she said. “It’s a little tougher than chicken and very, very nutritious. It tastes great. It’ll be the best gumbo in years. And lets face it, when you’re 90 years old you’re just happy enough to be able to still eat food without blending it first. I guess we’ll just tell the elders that it’s chicken if walking canes start getting waved about in frustration.”

The Church Point Courir de Mardi Gras stars today.


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