LAFAYETTE, LA – With heavy storms and lashing rains covering most of Acadiana this weekend, children and teachers alike across the area gathered in various locations to pray to Saint Perillo, patron saint of school closures, in the hopes of being able to stay at home next week.

Gathering at churches, homes, and numerous other sheltered places across Lafayette this morning, they sent prayers and thanks to Saint Perillo while urging him to use his saintly powers to cancel school and give them maybe just one or two days off to relax.

Sacrifices to Saint Perillo were made at certain locations in the form of boudin, beer, and small scale models of the International Space Station.

Members of congregation explained that they hoped that he was listening to their pleas.

“I came out here today to give thanks to Saint Perillo and ask him for graciousness” said resident and teacher Janice Brady, “Saint Perillo is always good so we’re hoping that he comes through this time too. We need a couple of extra days to recharge, so we’re hoping he gives us that. We believe in him.”

It doesn’t look good for them at the moment however, as no school closures have yet been made.


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