NEW ORLEANS, LA – An early warning message sent to tens of thousands of Saints fans warning them of an incoming victory over the Vikings was “sent out by mistake” this evening, officials have confirmed.

The text, which sent Saints fans into raptures of celebration, was later dismissed as simply human error and the Vikings walked away with the win.

It is believed that a security official by the name of Stefon Diggs sent the early warning messages prematurely, but has since ensured that Saints fans need not begin any preparations for celebration here on out.

Many Saints fans have called the mistake a “disgrace”, with a lot of them blaming the NFL referees for some reason.

“We can officially confirm that there are no incoming victories” a local security official said, “The warning messages were sent out ten seconds too early for our liking. I can assure Saints fans that they can go ahead and pack their jerseys safely away for another year.”

“We apologize for the mistake and ensure you that it won’t happen again.”


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