LAFAYETTE, LA – Parc Lafayette is once again the place to be this New Years Eve, with confirmation that the annual Boudin Ball Drop will go ahead for the second year running.

Modeled on New York’s famed New Year Ball Drop, the Acadiana version will see the one-ton, 10 foot wide, hot and fresh, heavily-seasoned boudin ball descend approximately 50-feet down the newly-constructed pole, and will reach the ground at exactly midnight.

Once the boudin ball reaches the ground, a yet unnamed generic zydeco band will play a zydeco version of Auld Lang Syne, followed by a number of zydeco favorites, as well as party favorites covered in a generic zydeco style.

Event co-ordinator Gerald Hill has expressed his excitement at seeing this happen again.

“We wanted to ring in the new year in typical Southern Louisiana style”, he said, “What better way to do that than to take our famed local artery-clogging, life-shortening delicacy in order to celebrate surviving another year in Cajun country? It’ll be a great night for sure.”

The NOAA also confirmed that rain is a possibility once again. However Hill isn’t worried about the prospect of soggy balls. Boudin balls.

“We heard that it will most likely be raining, but we’re not worried. This baby will be fresh out of the deep-fat fryer and sizzling away at a toasty 450 degrees during the drop. We’d expect any rain to turn to condensation before it even hit the boudin ball.”

“We’ll also be inviting everyone to take some of it once it has reached the ground. However we know how Acadian folk around boudin balls, so there will be a heavy security presence around it for the most part.”

The celebrations are expect to begin around 9am. Early arrival is advised.


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