LAFAYETTE, LA – For the second year in a row, a report released today shows that the number of aircraft accidentally mistaking Acadian Villages’ Christmas light display for a commercial airport runway approach has dropped 5% since 2016.

The report, compiled by the National Aviation Safety Board, shows that only 343 aircraft made landings at the historical village this season, in comparison to the 361 that landed on the grounds in 2016.

Aviation Data Analyst Tim Breckenbauer once again explained that things are moving in the right direction.

“As we saw last year, it’s not the significant drop we were hoping to see, but any drop is a good drop”, he said. “The FAA is continuing its pilot training program that ensures that pilots of all airlines are instructed not to land at Acadian Village at Christmas.”

“It is not, and never will be an FAA-authorized airport of any kind. Once again, it is a historical village. The lights do continue to make things difficult and we appreciate that it is easily mistaken for a runway.”

FAA spokesperson Jesse Allen expressed regret at the reoccurring issue.

“First and foremost, the FAA once again apologizes for any inconvenience caused to visitors at Acadian Village.” he said.

“We continue to work closely with Acadian Village. Realizing that this issue isn’t going to go away, we are considering issuing all visitors with fluorescent safety jackets so that they may guide any approaching aircraft to a temporarily designated airport gate.”

“We have also partnered with Lafayette Regional Airport in lending us a jetty-way so that we may disembark passengers safely. A temporary baggage claim can be located behind the New Hope Chapel.”

“We also believe that we have installed enough indoor and outdoor Yankee Candles to mask the smell of aviation fuel.”


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