BATON ROUGE, LA – With today’s Advocate reporting that John Bel Edwards’ job approval rating has reached 65%, the Democratic Governor of Louisiana has immediately ran home and replaced the family photo in the hallway with a printed copy of the article.

Edwards was seen jumping in his car at around 3pm today, minutes after the article was posted, holding the printed sheet of paper. He was then seen screeching away from his office building towards the Governor’s Mansion before running inside and slamming the door behind him.

Insiders say that the frame previously contained a family photo of his wife and three children that was taken while on Vacation at Holly Beach in 2014.

“Boy, 65%… outpacing Kennedy and Cassidy. Baby I could stare at you all day long.” he was reported to be saying quietly to the photo frame. “The people love me. And I love you, Advocate article.”

It is not known whether or not his wife Donna is currently aware of the photographic change, but a number of reporters are keeping close tabs on the living room to see if John Bel will be sleeping on the sofa tonight, or whether he will remain in the master bedroom.


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